Step 1: Staff Settings

In this section you will learn about adding and importing staff accounts, as well as setting up teams to better manage staff notifications. You will also learn about adding special charge out rates and setting productivity targets to monitor staff efficiency in your business.

Topics covered in this section

  • Edit your user account
    The first step in your implementation journey is to check your own staff account. If you do not currently have any additional staff, first complete this tutorial then skip ahead to the tutorial on Custom Task Rates.
  • Add or import staff accounts
    If you have just a few staff members, then it should be quick to add them manually. If you have a large number of staff to set up, then it will be quicker to import them in a CSV file. You will be able to allocate default privileges by assigning roles in the import file.
  • Add staff teams
    Set up staff teams to filter client information and to setup email notifications.
  • Add custom task rates
    Add custom rates to override default staff billable rates.
  • Add productivity targets
    Enter staff daily hours and productivity targets to track staff efficiency.