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Monthly Product Updates

Self-paced learning
Launch course

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Learning objectives

We will release a new update on the third Thursday of each month.

Click on Launch Course to access the latest product update, as well as previous months' updates.

  • Be the first to take a guided tour around the newest feature releases over the past month
  • Find out what product changes are coming down the line over the next couple of weeks

Course outline

    Once a month take a quick guided tour with Alisha Parbhu on latest product updates, enhancements and how they work. We’ve summarised key changes in one place to save you time and keep you up to date.

    Updates from previous months:

    November: Hear about Xero HQ apps, the new Ask feature, enhancements to quotes on mobile and much more.

    October: Recent releases and enhancements relating to Managing Staff in Xero HQ, Reporting, Projects, Expenses, Bank transfer bank rules and much more.

    September 2017: High level highlights from Xerocon South.

    July 2017: Recap of the last quarter, including the launch of live contacts, new pay history report in Xero Payroll and adding receivables and payables to report templates.

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