BPAY® with DEFT makes it easy for your customers to pay with BPAY. You just need BPAY® with DEFT and a Macquarie bank account.

Get Macquarie DEFT

BPAY® with DEFT. Get paid faster.

BPAY® with DEFT makes it easy for your customers to pay their Xero online invoices with BPAY – and easy for you to reconcile in Xero. You don’t need to set up a separate BPAY Biller code you just need a Macquarie Bank account. The online application takes about 20 minutes.

Operated by Macquarie Bank for over 20 years, DEFT processes millions of payments each year. DEFT is an automated payment collection, receipting and bank reconciliation service that frees your business from the burden of manual processing and gives you back the time to focus on other things, like growing your business.

With DEFT you’ll have access to an innovative payment platform without the need or cost of setting up a BPAY biller code of your own.   



BPAY® with DEFT gives you:

  • Let your customers pay with BPAY.

  • Get paid faster, with next-business-day clearance into your account and certainty of funds

  • Reduce manual admin with Xero reconciliation. Reconciliation is easier with DEFT since payments are detailed individually in transaction files rather than one bulk payment.

Helpful information about BPAY® with DEFT

Who is it for?

Service businesses who issue online invoices as a way to collect payment from their customers.

How does it work with Xero?

BPAY® with DEFT makes it easy for your customers to pay their Xero online invoices with BPAY.

Once your Macquarie Bank account is opened and integrated with Xero, you can accept BPAY® payments immediately. Funds are added to your bank account on a daily basis.

How do you sync it with Xero?

You could be up and running with BPAY invoices within a few days, with online access to your account within five business days. It’s easy with our online application process.


There are just three steps:

  1. Apply for DEFT and your Macquarie Bank account online (this will take about 20 minutes)

  2. Receive your account details immediately and enter these into Xero

  3. Within 48 hours you will receive an email confirmation from Macquarie, which will then ask you to authenticate and link your Xero account to DEFT. Then you'll be ready to start accepting BPAY on your invoices

How much does it cost?

We’ve designed BPAY with DEFT for Xero users, so we can offer a fully digital banking experience.


BPAY with DEFT platform fee

Payment fee(s)

$150 account establishment fee

$1.00 per BPAY® payment

$5 a month account keeping fee

Please see the Product Information Statement for details of any additional transaction fees



The fine print

Read our Product Information Statement and DEFT agency terms and conditions before you get started.

Macquarie may pay XERO commissions relating to new customers who use the DEFT with BPAY service. For more details see the Product Information Statement

What countries does it operate in?

Australia only. 

What support does it offer?

Visit our frequently asked questions for further information about BPAY with DEFT or contact our DEFT specialist team at

Registered to BPAY® Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518


DEFT is provided by Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542 AFSL 237502.  This information does not take into account your personal situation, so please carefully consider your own objectives, financial status and needs before taking any action. We recommend you read the DEFT Payer Product Disclosure Statement before making any decision about DEFT.

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