Get instant business intelligence and create customised reports that help you assess performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Fathom also provides consolidations.

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Reports and insights to help businesses thrive

Fathom is a management reporting and financial analysis tool for advisors and their clients. Creating insightful reports and dashboards has never been easier.

Fathom gives you:

  • Reporting: Design your own professional looking management reports.

  • Analysis: Track the metrics which matter most to your business or client’s business.

  • Consolidations: Create consolidated reports for multiple Xero organisations.

  • Benchmarking: Easily compare and rank your companies, clients or franchisees.

Fathom + Xero

Fathom integrates with Xero, transforming your financial data into beautiful reports and timely business insights. These insights help to track profit, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs). For groups of companies, Fathom also assists with consolidations and benchmarking.

How do you sync with Xero?

Fathom automatically syncs with Xero every day. Or you can manually update your results at anytime.

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Fathom + Xero HQ

The integration of Xero HQ and Fathom provides advisors with a beautifully streamlined reporting workflow. Reports designed in Fathom can be scheduled for the end of each reporting period. And once the reports are published, links automatically appear in the Xero HQ activity feed.

How do you sync with Xero HQ?

To connect Fathom to Xero HQ:

1.  In Fathom, navigate to Organisation Settings.

2.  Select Connect to Xero HQ.

3. Log in to Xero and select your practice.


Helpful information about Fathom

Who is Fathom for?

Fathom is useful for accountants and advisors who are seeking to deliver more frequent and more engaging advisory and management reporting services. It's also great for business managers seeking to make better decisions and improve business performance.

What countries does it operate in?

Fathom is available globally.

How much does it cost?

Fathom has single company plans and multi-company plans to suit all businesses.
Pricing is based on the number of Xero organisations under analysis.

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Is there a free trial?

Ready to try Fathom? Access Fathom’s deep insights and engaging reports with a 14-day free trial.

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What support do they offer?

Fathom offers support via email, telephone, feature guides and weekly webinars.

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Fathom are winners

Emerging Add-on of the Year,Australia, 2012

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Rated5out of5

Great KPI reporting tool. Easy to set up and update and easy to understand and explain.

Rated5out of5

Fathom is simply brilliant software. It is highly visual and clients that cannot understand traditional P&L and BS can get a real handle on their businesses financial position with the Reports that are produced out of Fathom.

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