Automate repetitive bookkeeping tasks, eliminate unnecessary manual data entry, and make time for the work that matters.

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With Xero and Datamolino working together, you have all the tools you need to work efficiently with your bookkeeping data.  Datamolino captures data from invoices and receipts and automates repetitive bookkeeping tasks for bookkeepers and accountants. So get started on your journey towards a truly efficient bookkeeping practice.

Datamolino gives you:

  • Bookkeeping automation: Datamolino automates the coding of your invoices. This saves time and effort.

  • Accurate data capture: Datamolino captures the data from your clients’ invoices and receipts, eliminating the need to enter them manually.

  • Bookkeeping cockpit: See which client folders need your immediate attention in one comprehensive dashboard.

  • Folder structure: Create multiple folders for the same client to deal with departments, locations or projects. Each folder can have different automation settings.

  • Mobile app: Easily submit receipts when on the go. Just take a picture and you’re done.

Datamolino + Xero

Datamolino automates repetitive bookkeeping tasks. It learns how you code your transactions and applies these learnings to the data it automatically captures from invoices and receipts. This eliminates unnecessary data entry and creates more time for the work that matters.

How do you sync with Xero?
  1. Click on Connect Folder next to the folder name that you wish to connect.

  2. In the pop-up, select Xero and follow the steps.


Note: You can connect multiple folders to the same Xero organisation, which is helpful if you need to organise your work based on client locations, departments or projects. Each client folder has its own automation settings.


Datamolino + Xero HQ

The Xero HQ integration displays status updates about your client’s paperwork directly in your activity feed. You’ll be notified if documents are ready to be processed or if an export to Xero is long overdue. This allows you to speed up the whole bookkeeping process.

How do you sync with Xero HQ?
  1. In Datamolino, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select Connect to Xero HQ.

  3. Log in to Xero HQ, select your practice, then click Allow Access.

Helpful information about Datamolino

Who is Datamolino for?

Accountants and bookkeepers find that Datamolino allows them to become more efficient, have more time for their clients and grow their practice.

What countries does it operate in?

Datamolino operates globally, serving accounting and bookkeeping firms all over the world.

How much does it cost?

Datamolino pricing is transaction-based. It includes an unlimited number of clients and users for no extra cost. If you process more than 1,000 documents per month, Datamolino will tailor a price to your needs.

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Is there a free trial?

Customers are encouraged to test drive Datamolino. The free trial includes all the premium functionality. No credit card is required.

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What support do they offer?


Datamolino sees customer support as the most important feature of business software. Chat support is built directly into the application. If a phone call will help more than the chat, they pick up the phone.


You can ask for training at any time, and the team will happily bring you up to speed.


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Rated5out of5

Great practice partners, who continue to listen and improve the service.

Rated5out of5

I have tried out other software for processing invoices for clients and Datamolino is by far the best. The support team get back to any queries which you have very quickly and they have features which other systems do not have. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Rated5out of5

Datamolino has been key to improving efficiency for both our clients and internally in Propel. We are continually been told how easy the app is to use, as it makes recording transactions on the go a breeze.

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