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Baldry & Sanford

GoldVisit their website Contact Clinton Sanford, ((09) 421 9020)

The Nautilus – A Story about Surviving & Thriving Often referred to as a living fossil the chambered nautilus is believed to have survived in the earth’s oceans from time before dinosaurs or mammals. Some believe this number to be around 10,000 years others 500 million years. You have to admit, they are good at not only surviving but thriving! While many of their co-species were dying out either out of climate change, too much competition for food, or being food for someone bigger, these amazing creatures continue to thrive today. “HOW? And why is that even important,” you ask. “Aren’t you guy’s accountants? What has this got to do with my business?? “ Like the nautilus, your business needs to survive and thrive. The changing economic climate, competitors and threats to our business can be detrimental if we don’t have a clear understanding of how to navigate the changing waters of commerce. The numbers of your business tell a story. Once you know that story, you can affect the plot. baldry + sanford “crack the code” and tell you the story the numbers tell. We work with you to make positive changes. We do all things you would expect from a Chartered Accountant firm, but aren’t you looking for a little more…. Our vision is to empower business owners with the right tools and advice to reach their goals in business + life. More than numbers, we want to Positively Impact your Business. Call us for a FREE chat about your business + your goals.

Services include: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Consulting , Setup & Conversion

Level 1, Baldry + Sanford House   12 Florence Avenue  Hillary Square, Orewa  map
Member of:NZICA

BDO - Waikato

PlatinumVisit their website Contact Arti Rathod, (07 839 2106)

BDO is one of the top five Chartered Accounting Practices in New Zealand, Each of the 12 member firms throughout the country is locally owned. In the Waikato we have five Xero certified trainers and large committed team ready to assisting small to medium sized clients to manage their accounting requirements. Our services are tailored to meet our clients individual needs. BDO Waikato is able to assist you in all areas of Xero including setup and conversion.

Services include: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Setup & Conversion

Level 1, BDO Building  Cnr Harwood & Rostrevor Streets   map
Member of:NZICA

Finman Services (Paraparaumu) Ltd

GoldVisit their website Contact Denise Ambler, (04 298 2551)

At Finman Services Paraparaumu Limited we believe in using the latest technology to assist our clients with straight forward accounting solutions. We get to know our clients personally and help them to understand and grow their business.

Services include: Accounting , Consulting , Setup & Conversion , Training

44 Ihakara Street  Paraparaumu   map

Bullot & Rankine Limited

GoldVisit their website Contact Bruce Rankine, (+64 9 477 3081)

Bullot & Rankine Ltd are small and medium size business specialists. We help you to use financial information to make more money. This includes monitoring your financial performance by setting up your key performance indicators (KPIs). Our team of people are dedicated to your success by helping you reach your business and personal goals. We will help you to use Xero so that you can understand your numbers and successfully manage what you measure. This means that your efforts will be more properly used to do what you do best. Our goal is to be alongside you so that you achieve your financial goals. We are dedicated to producing financial reports that you understand. As Xero partners we strongly endorse this great revolutionary accounting package.

Services include: Accounting , Consulting , Setup & Conversion

14 - 22 Triton Drive  Albany   map

KPMG - Hamilton

GoldVisit their website Contact Angela Wynne, (+64 7 858 6521 )

KPMG New Zealand has offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. We provide audit, tax and advisory services. We work closely with all our clients to provide a multi-disciplinary and practical approach and bring both local and international knowledge and perspective to help our clients meet business challenges and respond to new opportunities. At KPMG we are passionate about working with our clients to deliver exceptional value and build lasting relationships. Our aim is to drive your business towards growth and success.

Services include: Accounting , Consulting , Setup & Conversion

KPMG Centre   85 Alexandra Street    map

Jackson Blakeman Limited

GoldVisit their website Contact Debbie Blakeman, (06 867 9290)

JacksonBlakeman Limited has been built on a strong belief in client service, client-partner direct contact, rapid turnaround of work and management accounting based on monitoring against set targets. We are small enough to care personally about our clients and large enough to provide a range of services comparable to larger practices in Gisborne.

Services include: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Consulting , Setup & Conversion

337 Childers Road   map
Member of:NZICA

Mobile Accounting Services NZ Limited

GoldVisit their website Contact Eve Shepherd, (07 834 0999)

Mobile Accounting Services NZ Ltd is dedicated to providing a professional and efficient service to small and medium business. This includes all aspects of accounting, taxation, GST, FBT, PAYE, wages, profit reporting, cashflow forecasts and so on. Our team are friendly and approachable – always talking in everyday language everyone can understand. All our reports are clear and concise.

Services include: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Consulting , Setup & Conversion , Training

1327 Victoria Street    map

Staples Rodway (Hawkes Bay)

GoldVisit their website Contact Blair McCallum, (+64 6 878 7004 )

Staples Rodway Hawkes Bay Ltd is a well established business advisory firm based in Hastings. We provide an array of advice over and above that traditionally provided by chartered accountants. This includes specialist Human Resources professionals, IT and business process expertise, assistance with business structure and planning, business succession planning expertise and a lot more. We have 5 directors covering a multitude of disciplines, and a staff of approx. 40. This means that we have the capacity to bring a tailored service to any client no matter their size. We cater for the small start ups to well established large local businesses.

Services include: Accounting , Setup & Conversion

Staples Rodway House  205 Hastings Street   map
Member of:NZICA

BDO Auckland

PlatinumVisit their website Contact Craig Gower, (+64 9 379 2950)

BDO is one of the top five Chartered Accounting and Business Advisory firms in New Zealand with 14 offices, 68 partners and over 650 employees nationwide. Our clients range from start ups to large national businesses. We will work with you to understand your business requirements and will ensure that Xero is setup correctly to meet your business and accounting needs. We offer accounting advice including review of your management results, taxation returns and ongoing support. We have experience using Xero with all business types from charities, to small start-ups to nationwide franchises. We will work with you to maximise the benefits of Xero for your business.

Services include: Accounting , Consulting , Setup & Conversion

Level 8  120 Albert Street    map
Member of:NZICA

Enspiral Accounting Ltd

GoldVisit their website Contact Anthony Rohan, (021 746 733)

Enspiral Accounting provides professional accounting support to individuals and organisations who wish to create positive value to society. We believe in a world where business success is not just measured by how much profit is made, but by how much good is created for people, communities and the planet.

Services include: Accounting , Bookkeeping , Consulting , Setup & Conversion , Training

New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants

A member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants has been through rigorous training and is committed to professional development and standards, meaning the advice they give you is second to none.

Visit their website

New Zealand Bookkeepers Association

Working with a member of the NZ Bookkeepers Association assures your bookkeeper is professional and has met the high quality and technical standards of the Association. All members must undergo regular training to keep up to date with the latest bookkeeping procedures and solutions.

Visit their website

Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand

All members of the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand promise to professionally, ethically, and willingly look after the taxation needs of our clients

Visit their website

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