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Send invoices, reconcile accounts & get paid in over 160 different currencies. Foreign exchange rates are updated hourly, so you instantly know exactly how
gains and losses are affecting your cashflow.


Multi Currency Conversions

Real-time currency conversions

Enter invoices, reconcile accounts and get paid in any combination of different currencies. Exchange rates for over 160 currencies are updated every hour from XE.com.

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See gains & losses instantly

Gains and losses are calculated in real-time, so you immediately see how exchange rates affect your cashflow while you create invoices and reconcile accounts.

Multi -currency -reports

Report by currency

All reports are re-valued with the latest currency conversions. All foreign currency transactions are converted into your local currency, in real-time. You can also choose to report in other currencies.

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"Multi-currency in Xero is the most flexible and comprehensive solution I've ever seen.
And I've seen them all."
Stephen Nicholas, Openside

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