A simple-to-use reporting and analytics tool, connects to Xero and lets you “just ask” and get immediate answers.

A simple-to-use reporting and analytics tool, connects to Xero and lets you “just ask” and get immediate answers.

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About is a conversational business intelligence tool that does your data 'dirty work'. eliminates the frustrating process of getting answers from your cloud accounting data. Just ask a question, by typing or using voice-to-text, and we get you an immediate answer.

We also offer, easy setup dashboards, one-click reports and more.

Business owners now have answers to their operational business questions at their fingertips. empowers better business decision making and is available on mobile (iOS and Android).

Accountants and bookkeepers can use to provide extra value and advice to their clients with zero extra time commitment. They get the insights and reporting capability they need to go from number crunchers to trusted advisors.

Our goal is to become the "hub" of all business data interaction. So you can chat with all of your data in one interface. We are adding integrations to data sources that will compliment the Xero user's experience. Our next integrations are Stripe, Square and Hubspot. 

Explore all Features of + Xero connects directly to your Xero data within seconds. You can ask an endless amount of questions. Examples include:

- Which service brings in the most revenue?
- Show me invoices from the last two weeks
- What were my expenses last month?
- Average days to pay per customer
- Compare total sales per product for the last three months

Features include:
- Customizable Dashboards
- Conversational interface allows you to simply "ask" for what you want. It's so easy.
- Visualize responses with charts and graphs
- One-click reporting
- Get answers on-the-go with your mobile app (available on iOS and Android).
- Drill down into a query response by clicking on a piece of data (ie. a bar from your chart)
- Digital collaboration with other users directly in the app
- is free. Try our Premium features free for 14-days. Ask us about our Partner Program

Getting started

1. Simply signup at
2. Set your password
3. Connect to and authorize your Xero data source within minutes
4. Chat with your data

Sign up for a demo at

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