Xerocon Day 1

Wed 4 October 2017

8:00 AM

Exhibition hall and registration open

Coffee, tea, pastries served

9:00 AM

Welcome to Xerocon London 2017

9:15 AM

The next five years
Gary Turner, Managing Director, Xero UK & EMEA

Xero MD Gary Turner will open Xerocon London 2017 with an overview of what’s happening around the Xero universe. He'll walk you through the impact the Xero community is having on driving small business success and boosting economic prosperity.

10:00 AM

The future of the accounting profession
Richard Susskind, OBE, author and independent advisor

Richard Susskind questions whether technology will simply bring about a more efficient version of what we have today, or whether we’ll see a gradual replacement of professionals by increasingly capable systems. He argues that in an internet society, we’ll neither need nor want accountants, lawyers or many other professionals, to work as they did in the twentieth century. He’ll discuss how technology will change the way you work, the prospects for employment, and what tasks should be reserved exclusively for people.

11:00 AM

Morning tea

11:30 AM

The future has arrived
Rod Drury, CEO and Co-Founder, Xero

Over the last few years, accounting industry pundits have talked about the future – how cloud technology will change your practice, your job, your industry. Well, that day is here. Rod will take you through real examples and implications of how connected accounting, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the industry today and what will quickly come next.

12:00 PM

Powering an efficient practice in the digital world
Anna Curzon, Chief Partner Officer, Xero

We're passionate about enabling our accounting and bookkeeper partners to run efficient, growing, digital practices in the cloud and we're constantly developing world class tools to make that happen. In this session, we'll reveal the next wave of enhancements to Xero HQ, the continued growth of our partner products and tools and what it means to be a Xero Partner.

12:45 PM


2:15 PM

Frictionless finance: The opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers
David Brear, CEO & co-founder at 11:FS

Panel discussion investigating the impact of next generation financial services solutions on small business and their advisors.

3:00 PM

Building successful teams
Rachael Powell, Chief People Officer, Xero

People are the essential element in scaling any business effectively. Ensuring leaders cultivate a positive workplace is essential in mobilising the strategy at pace. Rachael Powell is responsible for Xero’s people experience function globally. She’ll draw on her extensive global business experience to give practical advice on how to hire the best people and build successful teams that you can apply to your own practice.

3:30 PM

Afternoon tea

4:00 PM

The science of success
Matthew Syed, journalist, author and broadcaster

Gain the vision and practical tools for creating a real and lasting high-performance culture in your organisation with black box thinking. Learn how applying a growth mindset to your practice can transform team collaboration, change workplace behaviour and unlock the capacity of your business to accelerate growth.

4:45 PM

Xero Awards
MC, Gary Turner, Rod Drury

We’ll present a variety of awards to our top-performing accounting, bookkeeping and app partners.

5:15 PM

Day one signoff

5:15 PM - 6:30 PM

Exhibition hall remains open

7:00 PM

Xerocon Party

Mix, mingle and dance the night away. Drinks and food will be served.