That's a wrap for Re:start 2020!

Re:start was held from June 30-2 July for three mornings of inspiration covering topics such as obtaining the right mindset, acquiring the best skill sets and leveraging the correct tool sets.

We couldn't meet you all in person this year but it was an amazing opportunity to connect and deliver some important content and product announcements.


This Re:start series was held online and despite the change of scene, the essence was to bring Xero Partners together and connect within the local South African Xero community.

We have created a space within Xero Central to showcase the series into nine videos which highlight the three day content for you to view as a Xero Partner.

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Episode One - Setting the scene

Mindset – Restarting the engines in South Africa

Look at how the right mindset is critical for selecting the right toolset and developing your skillset.

Toolset – The power of the platform

Discover how the power of the Xero Platform is driving innovation and enabling South African accountants, banks and SMEs to create communities of purpose.

Skillset – Apps for ops 

Hear from South Africa's leading Cloud App Integrators on the best way to approach app selection and integration for your practice and your clients.



Episode Two - Operating like an essential service

Mindset – Operating like an essential service

Tax Practitioners are essential services. Hear how you can start thinking, operating and growing like one.

Toolset – Working with, not for, small business

Discover how increased business and client collaboration is possible by exploring the tools and best practices developed specifically for your clients.

Skillset – Xero for SMEs

We dive into the Xero Features built to drive client collaboration and lasting, tangible value.



Episode Three - Start-to-end accounting

Mindset – Start-to-end accounting

Change the way you think about accounting and start with the end goal in mind.

Toolset – What's new in Xero: feature release

Join us as we launch new tools built just for South African accountants.

Skillset – New Xero features demo 

In the final of three skillset sessions we’ll show you the new tools for South African accountants in action; showcasing a full end-to-end solution.




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