The State of South African Small Business 2019

Technology, innovation, and unlocking growth

We surveyed 200 accountants and 400 small business owners about the influence of technology on small businesses in South Africa. Here’s what we found out…

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51 Percent

suggested the cloud improved their ability to work anywhere

Access to financial data wherever there’s an internet connection makes it easier to work on the move.

59 Percent

of respondents see load shedding as a challenge

Scheduled power outages pose a significant obstacle for small businesses – what can be done?

43 Percent

find their internet connection okay but not 100% reliable

But more than half of the respondents who defined their internet connection as 'great' are fibre users

18 Percent

of small businesses say they’ll still require accountants in the next 10 years

While automation is making life easier for business owners the human element still has a huge role to play. 


Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town • Xero Customer

98 Percent
of accountants agree that technology has led to higher profits
98 Percent
of businesses identified a large increase in profit having adopted new technology

And 99% found technology increased their efficiency.

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Source: An online survey was fielded to 600 accounting professionals and small business owners in South Africa by World Wide Worx in February 2019.