State of small business 2017 How are South Africa’s businesses battling tough economic times?

We surveyed hundreds of small business owners across the country, asking what they need to survive and thrive in South Africa’s current economic climate. Here’s what we discovered…

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Economic volatility threatens most small businesses

More than half of respondents said economic volatility is their biggest business challenge.

Businesses want accountants with tech smarts

Businesses are investing to make a difference

The biggest area of investment over the coming year will be marketing (36.1%). But, notably, 19% of respondents indicated they won’t be investing at all as money is tight.


The government needs to step up with support

Almost 90% of respondents did not feel the Ministry of Small Business Development helped their business in any way. Around half (48%) said it should provide more funding.

Businesses want accountants with tech smarts

Economic and cash flow issues must be overcome

The biggest challenges SMEs face are economic volatility (67.9%) and cash flow (22.7%). Only 3.7% of respondents feel that the Ministry of Small Business Development helps.

accountants need to transform their offering

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Source: An online survey was fielded to 400+ small business owners in South Africa by World Wide Worx in July and August 2017.