How to get started with PR

One of the biggest challenges you face when you launch a new startup is getting publicity. Read these tips to help your generate press necessary for success.

Sales are starting to come in, customers are happy and you want to tell the world about you and your new business. Profile brings new customers and new sales. Get yourself known in the press and online by making friends with the media and industry influencers, hosting events, entering awards and embracing social media.

Size is irrelevant – if you have an interesting story, pitch it to media. When it comes to approaching the media, here’s what to do.

1. Plot the script

Imagine yourself as the star of your own Hollywood movie. Are you an action hero, battling against the odds or a brand leading lady? Plot the action and write the script. It will help you define your message to the media.

2. Find the right contacts

Research the journalists and influencers you think are interested in your field. Note their email addresses from the bottom of their articles, follow them on Twitter, get to know them and send them exclusive stories about you, product updates and your business. If you’re being featured online ask the journalist if they can include a live link to your site. That way, readers can be on your site with one click.

3. Write a press release

Writing a press release costs nothing but your time, yet it can generate valuable publicity. If you’re emailing a press release to journalists, write the text in the body of the email and include it in an attachment too. Your press release should have an attention-grabbing headline, the main facts in the first sentence, and evidence and quotes from as high-profile people and companies as possible in the main body of the text. Include great quality images wherever you can to lift the piece and put a face to the brand. You could also use a press-release distribution service to secure wider exposure. If you don’t get a response, follow up!