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Fundraising 101 for Small Businesses and Startups

Video series



Learning objectives

In the first part of the Fundraising series, join Keith White of Burkland Associates to learn about the full range of funding strategies – including traditional debt and angel investing. You'll also learn a bit about the character of each, and when it might be a good fit. It's all about asking the right questions and raising capital for the right reasons. First step, how much do you really need to raise? Then, learn what prospective investors or lenders will want to see.

Course outline

    First video will cover the following:
    • Why raise money
    • Funding options, including equity, self-funding, debt, suppliers and customers, grants, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and hybrid / exotic models
    • How much to raise, for what
    • What investors want
    • What founders and owners want
    • Why "cash is king"
    Second video will cover the following:
    • Debt considerations, including: collateral, term / maturity date, interest rate, "callability" and covenants, providers, and leases
    • Equity considerations, including: terms, valuation, classes of stock, control, dilution and down rounds
    • The equity investor's perspective
    • Entity
    • Timing

Pre-course preparations

Fundraising 101

Topics covered

  • Fundraising
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