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Fundraising for nonprofits

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Learning objectives

In this course, Kishshana Palmer debunks a few common misperceptions about nonprofit fundraising, and offers tips for making it successful AND fun. Learn the important role of development, what it takes to do it right, and how to begin the process. She'll challenge you to ask yourself the tough questions: Do I have the tools I need to raise funds? Is there urgency in my mission and clarity in my impact? Is it all about grants? How can I get my board involved? Get the answers and get started.

Course outline

    • The basic of development vs fundraising
    • The development process
    • The cycle of giving
    • Do you have the fundraising tools you need?
    • Encouraging participation via a sense of urgency
    • Different types of nonprofit fundraising
    • Getting your board involved

Pre-course preparations

There is no pre-course preparation required.

Topics covered

  • Fundraising

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