Xero Tips & Tricks

Get Xero savvy. Learn all the tips & tricks of the trade! From managing cash to cash basis reporting, we'll show you quick and efficient ways of doing things. View course

Video learning - 15 MINUTES

Reporting in Xero

Reporting in Xero: quickly review your data and collaborate with your advisors View course

Video learning - 11 MINUTES


Xero Projects

A high level overview of Xero Projects from Product Manager, Ben Watts. See how Projects can benefit your business. View course

Video learning - 15 MINUTES

Bank Reconciliation for Beginners

Reconciling your bank account can be one of the most important things you do for your business. We'll help you understand why this is and how this one beautiful feature can help you set your business up for success. View course

Video series - 35 MINUTES

Running your business in the cloud

Learn how you can easily manage most of your business from your mobile device or tablet. View course

Video learning - 17 MINUTES


Processing payroll for your business

Your business is set up for payroll in Xero, you've added all your employees and now you're ready to process payroll. This video series will show you the tasks to complete before you draft a pay run and how in only a few clicks to get your employees paid. View course

Video series - 15 MINUTES

Smart Payroll for Small Businesses

A quick setup guide for Xero Payroll View course

Video learning - 30 MINUTES


Making the most of your Xero trial

Do you want to find out if Xero is right for your business? We'll show you how to get the most out of your Xero trial so that you can determine if Xero is a good fit for you. We'll cover some of the key ways Xero helps you manage your business finances, and how you can use it to collaborate with your colleagues and advisors. View course

Video series - 18 MINUTES

Introduction to Payroll with eServices

This quick overview of Xero Payroll shows you how easy it is to set things up, pay employees, and stay on top of taxes with e-services. View course

Video learning - 4 MINUTES