Women in the Profession

Stand out from the pack by opening your doors to differing views and perspectives.

Xero Unplugged

Women in Accounting: Past, Present and Future

Tom Hood: Tom's not a woman, but he's worked for and with women throughout his 35-year career. He believes women have been – and will forever be – at the forefront of the field. They've brought different strengths like empathy and collaboration to the table.

Tom Hood

The Unlikely Managing Partner

Lisa Cines: Lisa has proven that women are ready to not only lead the charge, but to do so among the accounting elite. Join Lisa as she reflects on important lessons across her journey, including the: (a) ability to fake it until you make it; (b) skills needed to build a team, and not a family (big difference); and (c) importance of relationships.

Lisa Cines

Empower a Billion Women and Change the Way you do Business

Ingrid Vanderveldt: Ingrid shares real statistics that show why it's important for the global economy to empower women in leadership positions. She details the challenges women face and the solutions that can be provided. Ingrid also provides takeaways for the audience to implement these ideas and tactics into their own businesses.

Ingrid Vanderveldt