Profession Interrupted

Remember all those stereotypes you heard about accounting? Good, neither did we. This video series refutes perception and embraces what others fear: Change. And once you welcome change, you'll define the field as we now know it.

Xero Unplugged

Tales of a Disruptive Profession

Jason Blumer, CPA: Hear about five failures Blumer CPAs weathered and how the firm is now stronger and smarter because of these mistakes.

Jason Blumer

Change in the Profession

Keith Mueller: Small business technologies make our lives easier, but is it also replacing us? Join Keith Mueller as he discusses how his firm uses new technology while retaining value.

Keith Mueller

A Forward–Looking Profession

Adrian Simmons, CPA: Hear how the economy has migrated from agrarian to industrial, then service to knowledge – and ultimately, to the creative economy. then learn how you can tackle this new economy head on.

Adrian Simmons