The Next Generation

As the next generation of bookkeepers and accountants rise through the ranks, here's your chance to hear what they're looking for in a modern workplace, and how you can engage with this new crop of talent – and harness their passion and persistence for your own business. We'll be running TED-style talks with Gen Z bookkeepers and accountants, who'll take to the stage to share their experiences, knowledge and ambitions.

Xero Unplugged

Millennials in Accounting

Chris Hooper - Accodex: Chris is a successful accounting entrepreneur, based in Adelaide. Using his own experiences of hiring and inspiring millennials, Chris will communicate the value of bringing the next generation into your practice.

Chris Hooper

Inside the Mind of the Millennials

Robbie Parton - Future Accountants Network: At the fresh young age of 19, and already sporting an impressive resume, Robbie is perfectly placed to bring you into the mind of the next generation. He'll skilfully communicate the wants and needs of the next wave of accounting professionals.

Robbie Parton

How to Attract, Assess and Engage Millennials

James O'Reilly - Xero: Speaking from his experiences as the Talent Acquisition Lead at Xero, James will highlight how to source, engage and retain the very best talent the Millennial generation has to offer.

James O'Reilly

Motivate the Millennial

Jacqueline Reyes: What do you have to provide to keep millennials committed to your firm? Jacqueline Reyes will share her insights and thoughts for a better work–life balance.

Jacqueline Reyes

Father Knows Best (but not always)

Liz Mason, CPA: Liz is an accountant, just like her father – but unlike dad – she is motivated by different goals. Join Liz for a generational journey in modern accounting and how millennials are changing the workplace.

Liz Mason, CPA

How to Engage the Next Generation

Rebekah Brown, CPA: Calculate the different levels of ROI for employee engagement and learn how to best connect with next-gen employees. Rebekah Brown leads the talk with examples from her own personal experience.

Rebekah Brown, CPA