Networking the Xero Way

Forget what your mother told you. It's okay to check your email at dinner. Brag about yourself. Even talk to strangers. This series of three videos breaks the rules to make you stand out.

Xero Unplugged

Real Value in the Digital World

Steve Brunson: Uncover the power of digital networking and learn how to apply online strategies that complement your real-world connections.

Steve Brunson

Building a Meaningful Conversation

Ericka Harney, CFRE, GPC, CVA: Who says you shouldn't talk to strangers? Go beyond the ice-breaker and discover the techniques to identify your next client.

Ericka Harney, CFRE, GPC, CVA

Craft your Elevator Pitch

Jess Kiuhan: Breathe life into how you articulate who you serve, what you do and the benefits you bring. Together we'll learn how you can update your elevator pitch.

Jess Kiuhan