Engaging New Talent

Gain a competitive advantage by recruiting and retaining the best talent. These videos introduce you to new ways to recruit, retain and engage new talent. 

Xero Unplugged

People Power: Gaining competitive advantage and the art of talent acquisition

Mathew Heggem: Rewire your mindset on “human capital” and learn how a clearly articulated culture can lead to your firm's sustainable and scalable competitive advantage.

Mathew Heggem

Finding and building a remote team

Cristina Garza: It’s about finding the right people, asking the right questions and hiring slowly. With those baselines, I can then guide you through the steps and help you transition to your remote team.

Cristina Garza

Employee Retention: sometimes, anything goes

Liz Mason: Recruiting and retaining top talent should be an extremely high priority – but you have to think beyond traditional employee benefits to stand out. Anything goes: and common sense and being human (not a “boss”) are great ways to set you apart.

Liz Mason