The Emerging Role of the non–CPA

Imagine an accounting world without accountants. Now imagine the future. These three videos guide you through the technology and (non)-certification needed to emerge as a non-CPA leader.

Xero Unplugged

Beyond the CPA

Patti Scharf, CPA: Three little letters that represent years of education and training - but is it worth it? Hear from Patti Scharf on what she is doing with her title and how it helps open doors.

Patti Scharf, CPA

Beyond the Future

Bill Sheridan: Technology and competition have reshaped the role of the accountant. This discussion goes beyond what was covered on the CPA exam. Take a look at the services and the skills needed to succeed for tomorrow.

Bill Sheridan

Beyond Compliance

Blake Oliver: Blake Oliver is not a CPA, but his firm is thriving in today's financial market. Learn how a professional cellist found the passion, savvy and know-how to shape the future of accounting.

Blake Oliver