Calm the Storm of Change

Get ready to look change straight in the eye. That's because the video series arms you with equal parts self-awareness, super powers and the ability to identify clients who don't suck. It's the perfect recipe to avoid the storm completely.

Xero Unplugged

Find Clients who Don't Suck

Cristina Garza: Retain clients who make your heart sing. In this session, Cristina Garza shares her tips and tricks that make doing business a pleasure.

Cristina Garza

Embrace your Super Power

Greg Kyte, CPA: As accountants, your super powers help small business owners navigate regulatory change. Unfortunately, a common weakness is fear of self-imposed change. Learn how to harness and apply your super powers toward intentional risk–taking.

Greg Kyte, CPA

The Power of Presence

Rick Solomon: Rick Solomon outlines how to become more consciously present both at work and in play. you'll walk away with a simple process for better reaching your goals and freeing yourself from negative baggage.

Rick Solomon