Accounting Goes Global

See how talent, technology and time zones are changing the world of accounting.

Xero Unplugged

The World is Flat(ter)

Marvin Galang: Marvin Galang shares insights in servicing US firms both abroad and domestically. And along the way, he progressed through recession, depression and a completely different way of thinking. Join Marvin as he details the role that technology, a new business model, and a global focus played to help him build Double Rule.

The globalized world of accounting

Ash Noah: Ash has lived in 11 countries and experienced life, business and the accounting profession from countless cultural perspectives. And he has managed businesses in 45 countries. Now he wants to ask the big question: Are you ready to go global?

We say z, they say zed

Amy Vetter: If you practice in the US, it’s time to take a whole different approach. Step ahead of the curve to take risks, tap into technology and save time – and then rededicate the time as advisors. After all, the client concerns around the world are no different than what you face domestically. The others may say Zed instead of Z, but the goal is the same – to help small businesses thrive. It’s time to channel the global Xero community to think big, without borders. Join us and discover the steps to take your practice into the future.