Step 4: Setting up clients

In this section you will learn about loading your client database into Practice Manager. There are some settings you may want to consider before adding clients, that will allow you to further classify client records.


Topics covered in this section

  • Edit business structures
    Business structures are essential when using Tax in Practice Manager to lodge or file tax returns. You can create specific business structures to assist in the management of your client base, for example sole trader and partnership, company and trust.
  • Create custom fields
    Custom fields allow you to record your own customized information in Practice Manager, in addition to the information that is already captured in the application. Custom fields are also known as dynamic fields, extra fields, or user-defined fields in other accounting applications.
  • Add and import clients
    In Practice Manager, you can store a large amount of information about your clients. You can decide how much information and what level of extra detail you want to capture. The amount of information you record will depend on how you plan to manage your clients, jobs, invoices and tax returns.

    If you currently have a system where all your client and contact details are stored, consider the option of importing them into Practice Manager. First, determine if it is possible to export client information from your current system. Then use the exported file to manipulate the data and to prepare a CSV file for import. This is also a good opportunity to clean out your current database. Remove old and obsolete client records, so that you can start with a fresh new list of active clients in Practice Manager.