About this course

Practice Manager Self Implementation Program

About this course

  • As the system administrator, you will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the system, bringing in data if required, and customizing a number of settings to align with your internal processes.
  • There is a clear sequential path that you need to follow, to make sure that your implementation is successful.
  • This course will guide you through your implementation and help you decide wich tutorials which you need to complete.
  • Every time you complete a step in the path, you are encouraged to access your system and apply your new skills. By the time you complete this course, your implementation should also be complete.

What you will learn

  • How to set up staff members and assign them the correct access in the system.
  • How to customize your practice settings to determine how information will be stored, displayed and processed in Practice Manager.
  • How to prepare and manipulate external data and how to import it into the application.
  • How to enable the Xero Practice Edition integration to share billing information between the two systems.
  • How to prepare for your Go Live day and how to manage the transition to a new system.


About the tutorials

  • The course consists of nine steps, and each step contains one or multiple tutorials.
  • Each tutorial contains the following information:
    • Video: To demonstrate how to complete the step.
    • Key learning points: To highlight the most important points mentioned in the video.
    • Tips & tricks: Additional information and recommendations to help you complete the step successfully.
    • What should I do now: Instructions on how you should proceed with your own implementation.
    • Useful links: Additional links to online help, PDF files, sample CSV files or templates that you can use to help you complete the tutorial.

How to complete the tutorials

  • Read all the information in the Introduction section to know exactly what you are expected to do.
  • Complete the tutorials in the order that they are presented, starting with Step 1 and ending with Step 8. There are important data dependencies that determine this order.
  • In each tutorial, first watch the video and then read the supporting information.
  • Log into your own account and follow the What should I do now? instructions to complete each step in your implementation journey. If necessary, watch the video again to help you complete the necessary tasks.
  • Depending on the size of your business and your chosen implementation journey, you may be able to skip some tutorials.

Help and support

  • Use the help available in the application to access online help or to contact support.
  • If you need more specialized help, then at any stage during your implementation journey you can reach out to our enablement team at pmteam@xero.com.