Customize practice settings

Step 5: Customize practice settings

All of the key system-wide settings that you need to adjust or set up are managed in the Practice Settings page. Every choice you make, every checkbox you tick, will have an impact on how you store, process and display data in Practice Manager.

It is very important that you understand each setting and how it impacts the system, before you make your selections. This will help you lay the right foundation from day one, so you can get the most and the best out of the system.

Key Learning Points

  • There are many settings that determine how Practice Manager will store and process your clients, jobs, invoices, time sheets and much more. Select the ones that best suit your business requirements.
  • Most settings you will set up once, and never again. Some settings, for example WIP and Period lock, you will have to update regularly.

Tips & Tricks

  • Download and print the Practice Settings guide to understand each setting, the different options available and the downstream implications when selecting an option.
  • Involve key stakeholders when making decisions about your practice settings, as many settings impact how data is captured and displayed in Practice Manager, which in turn can impact your internal processes.
  • Inform staff members of selections you have made that may impact the way they are expected to work. For example, when they can expect WIP and Period to be locked every month.
  • Customize the numbering sequences for jobs, quotes and invoices to suit your requirements.
  • Once you start using the system, you should review the settings to ensure they support the way you want to work. For example, staff members may decide they prefer to enter time sheets using Time duration rather than Start and End time.

What should I do now?

  • Download and print the Practice Settings guide.
  • Involve stakeholders when making your selections.
  • Update the settings in your Practice Manager account with your chosen selections.
  • Inform staff members of any settings that will impact how they are expected to work in the system.
  • Proceed to Step 6: Create jobs.

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