Review and edit costs

Step 2: Job settings

When you work on a job and you incur costs or disbursements on behalf of the client, you can bill the client to recover your costs. You do this by adding costs to the relevant client job. Typical disbursements in an accounting firm are photocopying, postage and travel expenses.

Key Learning Points

  • Costs/disbursements are called Items in Practice Manager.
  • Items must be set up in General Settings before they can be added to jobs, quotes or job templates.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have your own list of costs or disbursements, first review the costs in Practice Manager. You may only need to edit or add a few, instead of adding a long list of new costs.
  • If you later connect to Xero, you will be able to select the account code for your chart of accounts to post sales and cost expenses, as well as add Xero tracking categories.

What should I do now?

  • Review the list of default costs, delete the ones you won’t use and edit the ones you want to keep. You can rename them, edit the cost and unit price, add a note, or change the billable flag.
  • Determine how many more costs you want to add. You can do this manually or using an import file. If you are adding just a few, then go ahead and do this now. When you are done, you can skip ahead to Edit job categories.
  • If you are adding a large number of costs, then consider using an import file. Proceed to the next tutorial: Import your own costs.