Import your own tasks

Step 2: Job settings

If you have a current system where all your task details details are stored, you can prepare a CSV file to import these tasks in bulk.

Key Learning Points

  • Tasks can be imported in bulk using a CSV file.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the sample CSV file to create your import file, and do not edit or remove the column headings.
  • Review the list of default tasks that have already been created in your Practice Manager account to ensure you do not import tasks that already exist.
  • Remove old and obsolete tasks from your existing list, so that you can start with a fresh new list of tasks in Practice Manager.
  • If you later connect to Xero, you can select the account code for your chart of accounts, as well as add Xero tracking categories.

What should I do now?

  • Download the sample file.
  • Edit the file and import into Practice Manager.
  • Check the imported tasks and add custom rates, if required.
  • Continue to the next tutorial: Review and edit costs.

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