Review and edit tasks

Step 2: Job settings

Tasks are added to jobs and job templates to break the work up into smaller more manageable portions. Tasks can be scheduled and allocated to staff members. In order to record time against a job, there has to be at least one task set up in the job.

Key Learning Points

  • Every job must have at least one task to report time on that job.
  • Tasks must be set up in the practice settings before they can be added to jobs or job templates.
  • The Base Rate is used to calculate the cost of a job at the quoting stage.
  • The Billable Rate is what you will charge out per hour for this task and it is used to invoice a job based on quoted hours.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have your own list of tasks or activities, first review the tasks in Practice Manager. You may only need to edit or add a few, instead of adding a long list of new tasks.
  • Add custom staff or client rates to override default billable rates.
  • If you later connect to Xero, you can select the account code for your chart of accounts, as well as add Xero tracking categories.

What should I do now?

  • Review the list of default tasks, delete the ones you won’t use and edit the ones you want to keep. You can rename them, add a description and add base and billable rates.
  • If you require internal jobs to track non-billable time, then go ahead and create two tasks:
    • Internal time (to track activities that will not be billed to clients, for example office admin, projects, newsletters, training and human resources; set base rate and billable rate to 0)
    • Time away (to track time away from the office such as annual leave and bereavement; set base rate and billable rate to 0)
  • Determine how many more tasks you want to add. You can do this manually or using an import file. If you are adding just a few, then go ahead and do this now. When you are done, skip ahead to Review and edit costs.
  • If you are adding a large number of tasks, then consider using an import file. Proceed to the next tutorial: Import your own tasks.

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