Add custom task rates

Step 1: Staff Settings

If you and your staff members get charged out at the same rate, no matter what the job is, then you can skip ahead to the next tutorial: Add productivity targets. But if you are interested in learning about adding custom rates to apply different charge out rates to different jobs, then continue with this topic.

Custom rates apply when you have specific tasks that are charged out at different rates. For example, Chloe has a default rate of 180/hr for accounting work, but when she attends client meetings, her rate is reduced to 150/hr.

Key Learning Points

  • Custom task rates override a staff member’s default staff rates.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you add more tasks to your task list at a later stage, you may need to revise your custom task rates. You will learn about tasks in Step 2: Job Settings.

What should I do now?

  • If you are planning to add tasks to the list, then return to this exercise after the Jobs Settings tutorial. Then review the special charge out rates for the new tasks you created.
  • If you have any custom rates you would like to enter in the system, go ahead and do this now, then continue to the next tutorial: Add productivity targets.

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