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Intro to Xero

Video series


Learning objectives

In this video series we'll introduce you to the benefits of partnering with Xero and provide an overview of our pricing structure. We'll demonstrate how to use Xero in your practice and introduce you to some of our amazing features.

Additional resources and next steps to continue your Xero education journey...

- Watch a short video about Xero Partner Program

- Take a deeper dive into Xero by getting certified

- Explore articles in the Xero Business Help Center

Course outline

    • Learn about Xero
    • Uncover benefits of the Xero Partner Program
    • Manage your practice with Xero HQ
    • Explore key product features inside Xero

Pre-course preparations

There is no pre-course preparation required.

Topics covered

  • Xero HQ
  • Dashboard
Watch videos in series

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