Accounting made simple for real estate brokers & agents

Focus less on back-office work and more on real estate

Loft47 is a commissions management engine that tracks commissions and automates agent and broker fees to make paying out commissions simple. By partnering with Xero, real estate agents and brokers can do business from anywhere and feel confident in their numbers.  Loft and Xero’s partnership provides agents and brokers with an ecosystem of relationships and apps that gets you access to best-in-class tools and reduces the time it takes to get paid.


     Drastically reduce or even eliminate redundant data entry

     Instantly access your transactions from anywhere, any time

     Automate accounting for you and your aAgents

     Manage eEscrow and tTrust accounting and compliance

     Use simple transaction approvals to maintain control on commission payouts

Benefits that go beyond business


Become more efficient

Working more effectively allows you to lower your prices and attract new clients who are still working the old, time-consuming way – or to claim back some hours in your day.


Boost your revenue

With data flowing in daily, you’ll be able to take control of your workflow and create time for work that’s rewarding, professionally and financially.


Grow your practice

Greater efficiency frees up resources and creates the capacity to take your business wherever you want. Grow your clients, your team and your profit.

Hear from a broker

Hear from an agent


The ease of use, clean look of the platform, and the approachability were key factors in choosing Loft.


Having been a Xero-exclusive practice over for six years, I have seen many app integrations. The Loft + Xero integration is the deepest, most thought-out integration I’ve known.


My broker really liked it because he could be anywhere in the world and pull on and look at a deal, and our agents could do the same.


They’re taking care of everything, and that allows me to spend all my time really focusing on my clients and really doing the things that I do best - and it’s not the bookkeeping part of the job.

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