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Use Hubdoc with Xero to increase bookkeeping efficiency. With 2 million+ subscribers globally, Xero is a leading cloud accounting software that can help your practice save time, get better data, build stronger client relationships, and prepare for the future.

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Benefits that go well beyond business


Become more efficient

Working more effectively lets you optimize your pricing plans and attract new clients who are still working the old, time-consuming way – or to claim back hours in your day.

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Boost your revenue

With data flowing in daily, you’ll be able to take control of your workflow and create time for work that’s rewarding, professionally and financially.

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Grow your practice

Greater efficiency frees up resources and creates the capacity to take your business wherever you want. Grow your clients, your team and your profit.


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If you’re a Hubdoc partner, you get even more benefits with Xero

Automated bookkeeping

When connected with Xero, Hubdoc transactions are matched to the Xero bank feed for easy, one-click reconciliation.

Verified data

Hubdoc transactions are posted to Xero with the source document attached, providing easy access to verified financial data.

Stronger relationships

Hubdoc enables secure document management and a real-time flow of data into Xero so you can provide clients with valuable insights.


Hubdoc’s integration with Xero will make bookkeeping more seamless over time, helping your firm to scale and prepare for the future.

Using the power of Hubdoc and Xero

“Hubdoc and Xero enable us to be a leader in providing good employee benefits and having happy employees. If your employees are happy, they’ll make the clients really happy!”

– Eric Saumure, Principal, Zenbooks


Learn how Xero and Hubdoc enabled Zenbooks to provide better employee experiences and enable remote accounting staff.


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Partnership badges

Get rewarded for your Hubdoc subscriptions

Xero partners are able to earn partner points on their Hubdoc subscriptions which will help fast track your firm's status in the Xero partner program.

Partners earn 1 point for each client's Hubdoc connection. Partners earn 5 additional bonus points for a Hubdoc practice connection. (Points are awarded per period of active use).

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