To the future of accounting

Congratulations to Jinhua Johnson, Brody Mandelbaum, and Mwaka Namfukwe for each winning a $10,000 scholarship.

And the Forward Fund goes to...

Meet the winners

jinhua johnson

Jinhua Johnson

University of Washington

I strongly believe the future of accounting will be virtual, sustainable and technology based. Clients don’t just need someone to help them fill out forms. They want a real partner and advisor who can speak their language and support their growing businesses.

brody mandelbaum

Brody Mandelbaum

University of Florida

Whether it’s finding new ways to recognize environmental externalities or understanding the tax implications of international opportunities, accountants will be needed more than they ever have been. In a world where accounting is the language, accountants are the translators.

mwaka namfukwe

Mwaka Namfukwe

Eastern Michigan University

As accountants figure out ways to incorporate other disciplines into accounting, that will make more routine accounting things more automated. Then we can focus on creative business solving problems and improving business practices.

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