Yes, an accountant really can help (especially if you freelance)

When you freelance, you often find yourself wearing different hats. Your clients and customers appreciate that.

Just like you, a good accountant also wears many hats. And when you work with a good accountant, you will discover that he or she can help you in ways you never expected.

After all, an accountant will soon understand your numbers. And if he or she operates a modern accounting practice – you’ve just found yourself an invaluable resource. That’s because your accountant has most likely adopted new technology, and knows first-hand what works and what doesn't for freelancers like you.  

This is ideal because navigating the freelancing waters is not easy. In addition to having your finances in check, you need to think about sales and marketing – not to mention a thousand other things to keep your business successful. That's a lot of balls to have in the air, and accountants understand that very well – because many of them are freelancers themselves.

Truth be told, as your business grows – the least exciting thing you’ll do with your accountant will be your tax filing. So go ahead and turn to your accountant for a host of growth strategies specific to your freelance business.

For example, your accountant may recommend tools that integrate with online accounting software to help manage or expand your business on the road. These could include advanced solutions for CRM, point-of-sale, time tracking, eCommerce and more.

Obviously, the quality of these products is critical – but equally critical is how they work together. Most accountants have gone down this path before, with clients similar to yourself. They can match your experience and challenges with the right tools and help you get up to speed quickly, without missing a beat. You’ll be amazed at the level of focus for some of these tools, and how fast they can pay you back with improved efficiency and insight.

So go ahead and hang one of your hats. Focus on your business and area of specialty. Then leave (a lot of) the rest to your accountant.

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