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XU Magazine is the independent magazine run by Xero users, for Xero users. The magazine is aimed at the 1.3 million strong community of Xero users worldwide. Every issue is available FREE of charge in digital format. We also have a paid print subscription if prefer to go old-school!

Part virtual assistant. Part business intelligence. All user experience.  Our AI-driven app solves the complex issue of accessing, analyzing and reporting on data. Through's conversational user interface, users simply ask questions and get immediate answers. From anywhere. At any time. Like Siri for your business data.

Xeppo is a data integration tool that gives you a single view of your clients across multiple instances of Xero products and other core systems. Xeppo is great for practices running multiple instances of Xero as it allows you to consolidate clients data into one view. This extends to Financial Planning, Lending, SMSF and more.

DiviPay is a virtual corporate card and expense management platform that lets you instantly issue virtual corporate cards whilst staying in control of your team's spending and automating their expense reporting. DiviPay is used by Australia's fast growing businesses to streamline their expenses and eliminate reimbursements, card sharing and expense admin.

QuickB2B overcomes the everyday problems faced by food wholesalers. Hours spent capturing, and interpreting orders are eliminated when customers order through phone apps. The Order Management System captures these orders and manages all of the Wholesaler processes before seamlessly pushing the data to Xero for invoicing, while the Stock Manager maintains inventory levels and pricing.

Everperform puts performance on autopilot for SMEs by simplifying the process of collating and analyzing your employee data by centralizing it in one place. It tracks performance metrics that are important to you, on a cycle, allowing leaders to have meaningful conversations with their people that maximize performance.

Xero to Shopify Accounting Integration for Accurate, Automated and Reconciled Payouts. A2X for Shopify posts Shopify store sales automatically to Xero and reconciles your payouts so that you know everything has been accounted for correctly. Never waste another minute manually reconciling Shopify payouts and figuring out fees, refunds or adjustments.

Business Sorter provides accountants and business advisors with a simple, easy to use tool for more in-depth conversations with their clients. Business Sorter focuses clients attention on the things they need to work on now, and helps advisors work with them to identify their top priorities, and work for the advisor to deliver. The plan is ‘live’, to view anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

Making business simple. Clarity is the global business advisory platform, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and their advisors using the power of blockchain, AI and machine learning. Our platform will help small businesses around the world to understand their numbers, develop a plan to achieve success and create a better business using our step-by-step development programs.

Connecting to the apps small businesses owners use, the Aider mobile app delivers easy access to answers, all from one place. App connections include: point of sale, accounting, ecommerce, payroll, rostering, online calendar, social media, and analytics. Ask Aider hundreds of questions by typing, voice-to-text or speaking through a voice assistant.

Conceived to maximize every bit of performance in your business, GoJee is the resource planning solution designed for SMB’s. GoJee simplifies operations with its powerful end-to-end business administration and effortless accounting. Built on Xero, GoJee is the ERP you’ve always wanted. Let GoJee do the heavy lifting. GoJee. Go Further

WageLoch’s solution is designed specifically for Australian small to medium businesses for the management of labor hours and costs. Our software automatically applies Award rules and pay rates, reduces human error and eliminates unproductive time spent on manual data entry and calculations.

Luca is an advanced E-Invoicing Platform that makes transactions simpler, faster and smarter. It saves time and cost, reduces human error and make financial data more accountable. Luca, your single source of truth for every financial transaction.

PartPay is a Kiwi fintech offering a range of instalment payment solutions to over 1,000 New Zealand businesses from The Warehouse Group and Spark through to SMEs. PartPay’s Xero integration allows Xero users to accept instalment payments direct from their Xero invoices to win more business and get paid faster.

Finlert is a Xero Marketplace App Developer - LeaveCal provides visibility to employee leave for the whole organization, Tax-As-You-Go provides visibility to your tax cash flow. We also make connecting Xero to other systems simple, easy & cost effective with custom integration - we work with Xero, XPM, WorkflowMax, Stripe & others.

Small Business Energy Check is a free, online tool commissioned by the Australian Government in partnership with Xero SBI. It helps small businesses and their advisors check if the business is paying too much for energy by benchmarking their energy spend against similar businesses in the same industry and location.

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