Cloud Integrators

CloudIntegration.Partners is a partner program for Xero Bookkeepers and Accountants. It combines two of the original cloud integrators in Australia, SMB Consultants and TradiePad under one program - making it easier for Bookkeepers and Accountants to access the right add ons in the retail, wholesale, hospitality, trades and construction verticals for their clients.

Smart Technology, Smarter Process. Waypoint exists to help businesses do more with cloud software. Implementing systems such as Inventory and Supply Chain solutions, Professional Services platforms and Practice Management software.

Cloudsolve provides smart, tailored inventory implementations for retail, manufacturing and wholesale businesses around the country. We partner with bookkeepers and accountants to improve business systems and operations with Xero app add-ons for your clients. We're able to develop custom integrations for those clients to help them get the best possible solution.

FGS are Xero platform implementation partners, practice systems specialists, and advisors. A Xero certified partner and advocate since 2011, FGS is the most experienced implementation consultant in market. We’ve done the DD for you in selecting the right apps specific for your practice profile. Leverage our experience and save time.

Sysinct brings two software integrators together that have experience across a range of industries. Tradeworx and Bizquip partner with financial advisors to provide recommendations for apps that can benefit their clients. They provide end-to-end solutions that covers the implementation of the software, configuration, training and support.

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