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Recursos en Español

Descarga estos recursos para asistir a tus clientes

Aumente su Contabilidad con Xero

Este cuadernillo abarca las herramientas y los activos que Xero proporciona para contribuir al progreso de sus clientes.

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Presente Xero at tus clientes

Presentar Xero a un cliente puede ser un nuevo desafío, hemos resumido cuatro pasos fáciles con los que puede comenzar.

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Planes de precios de Xero

Para pequeñas empresas y Para profesionales de la contabilidad.

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Hoja de hechos

Xero brinda el toque humano para gestionar los elementos de las necesidades contables de las empresas de sus clientes en la nube.

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La mejor guía para Completar el Anexo C con Xero

Utiliza los pasos y herramientas de esta guía para recopilar y conciliar rápidamente la información de tus clientes.

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Cuando los buenos consejos son un negocio hermoso

Puede obtener toda la información acerca de la plataforma de Xero en esta introducción rápida a las funciones fundamentales de Xero.

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Resources for your clients

Share these assets with your clients to help them understand the benefits of Xero and cloud accounting

Boost your bookkeeping with Xero

This booklet covers the tools and assets Xero provides to bookkeepers, so they can help their clients thrive.

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Streamlining your practice workflow with Xero

Download this booklet to learn more about Xero’s US footprint, platform, and advisor-only tools and features.

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Xero App Store

Find and connect to beautiful apps for your firm and your clients.

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Advisory guides

It goes without saying, but our Advisory Guides come highly recommended.

Client accounting services with Xero

Use this guide to unlocking client accounting services to learn how Xero’s features can help you support your clients and your firm’s goals.

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App advisory playbook

Learn more about how to get started advising clients on selecting the right apps to use with Xero.

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Get to know Xero

Hi, we’re a cloud-based accounting software product that lets small-business owners manage their finances from anywhere.

Introduce your clients to Xero

This PDF outlines four easy steps to help you introduce your clients to Xero.

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Xero fact sheet

A brief overview of Xero, including answers to frequently asked questions.

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This is Xero presentation

This presentation provides an overview of Xero and its benefits for small businesses and their advisors.

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Why people love Xero

A brief breakdown of everything Xero has to offer.

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Make some change

They say change is good. We say change is great. Ready to evolve your small business with Xero?

Change management

Get familiar with the best practices and tips for transitioning to the cloud.

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Customer stories

Forget good, we’re in fantastic company.

Claire Van Holland

Claire is the owner of CV Ledger, an accounting firm specializing in small businesses in the creative field.

Read their story

Sutro Li bookkeeping

For Burton Li, the move from guitarist to bookkeeper was actually quite harmonic.

Read their story

Nury Saenz

Nury couples her love for the beach with running multiple H&R Block franchises.

Read their story


Xero helps take the burden out of tax season. Yep, it’s possible. It's not too early to be prepared for the next tax season.

Ultimate guide to Schedule C

Use the steps and tools in this guide to quickly gather and reconcile your client information, and make the most of tax season.

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Partner Program

We trumps me. Join us and see why growing together is the most efficient way forward.

The Xero partner program

Learn more about how you can grow with the Xero partner program and get the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Learn more

Partner Program Benefits*

Get to know what comes with being a partner of Xero; Free software, training, promotional material, dedicated support and so much more.

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Partner Pack

This pack shares more about the Xero platform and all the benefits of being a Xero partner.

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Partner Pack (ES)

Puede obtener toda la información acerca de la plataforma de Xero en esta introducción rápida a las funciones fundamentales de Xero.

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