Personal trainer Hamish Abbie
wasn't getting what he needed
from his Excel spreadsheets.
With Xero, his business is
running at peak performance.

"With Xero, I spend a lot less time on the accounts, and more time with my customers."

Hamish Abbie, Pulse Personal Training

A better way to keep fit

Pulse Personal Training offers performance training, nutritional advice and Pilates from their private studio, away from all the crowds and clutter of big gyms. It was founded by Hamish Abbie in response to growing demand from people looking for private and specialized training.

Excel is not an accounting system!

Hamish was struggling to manage his accounts using Excel. His spreadsheets were difficult to maintain and he never felt like he was getting the full picture.

"It became painfully obvious that spreadsheets are not a good way to run a growing business," Hamish conceded.

When he looked at accounting software everything he found was overly complex, yet nothing provided the big picture overview that he was looking for.

"Then somebody told me about Xero."

Peak Performance

When Hamish saw Xero he says he found the perfect solution to help him reach his professional goals. His business is rapidly expanding and he needed an accounting system that could keep up with the demands of growth, without taking away valuable time spent with clients.

"With Xero, I spend a lot less time on the accounts, and more time with my customers."

"Having real time financial information always available in Xero makes it easy for me to see how my business is performing and what parts of the business need more work. You just don’t get that from a spreadsheet," explains Hamish.

Setting and Reaching Goals

Hamish loves the budget manager in Xero. It lets him forecast and prepare for seasonal ups and downs, which has proven invaluable for planning promotions and events.

"Xero helps me see where my finances are right now, and helps me concentrate on my financial goals in the same way I help my customers concentrate on their fitness goals."

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