Marc J Debiak runs full-service
creative agency Paper Tiger
Marketing LLC based in
Oakland, New Jersey, USA.

"After trying for a while, I realized it was not only beautiful, but powerful. Like a mighty unicorn."

MARC J DEBIAK, Paper Tiger Marketing LLC

Before Xero, what did you use?

We used Quickbooks Online for many, many years.

What problems did you have with your old accounting system?

The number one problem was that it only ran on a PC. The second and more obvious problem is that it was more complicated than what we needed.

How did these problems affect your business?

Quickbooks required the services of a professional bookkeeper, even for the simple data entry. This cost us a lot in professional fees. We were also forced to keep a ghastly looking PC in the corner of our office. We put a dunce cap on top of the monitor and wrote "shame" on it.

What made you decide to use Xero? Did you try out any other solutions?

I tried a few services before choosing Xero. As a creative individual, the simple user interface and elegant graphics drew me to the program. After trying it for a while, I realized it was not only beautiful, but powerful. Like a mighty unicorn.

What was your experience when switching and getting started with Xero?

I would just call our Business Manager and brag about the software and how great it was. When he asked me what it was called, I would just mumble and then hang up the phone. I was feeling pretty good.

How has Xero improved your business?

The most obvious place we feel it is in our receivables. Xero has a very nice, visual way of showing you who owes you money. It's great to login in from time to time just to pick out a couple of the red names and call them up.

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