At NetPotential, Tim and Amy
Thomas run their growing
business using a combination of
Xero and WorkflowMax to do
everything from estimates to
timesheets to taxes.

"It really surprised us that an accounting system could actually be a pleasure to use."

Tim Thomas, NetPotential

A powerful combination

Tim and Amy Thomas run NetPotential, a growing web design and development company. Their work ranges from registering domain names, to doing online marketing, through to building complete web applications.

To run their business, they use a combination of both Xero and project management software WorkflowMax. They create job estimates, timesheets and even bill clients using WorkflowMax. When clients are billed the sales invoices automatically appear in Xero, along with the associated project tracking details.

By using Xero together with WorkflowMax they now have a complete business management solution, from project estimates all the way through to tax returns.

You can learn more about WorkflowMax and other software that integrates with Xero on our add-ons page.

Things weren't always so easy

"We were really struggling with Excel and manual timesheets. It was time consuming and less than precise... to put it mildly. We were desperate for a system that would let us easily manage everything properly," Amy explains.

"Xero stood out as an obvious fit for us. Finding a web-based solution was important. We absolutely need that anywhere, anytime flexibility. It also allows us to continue to be a paperless office," says Tim.

"We gave Xero a try and were immediately impressed. It really surprised us that an accounting system could actually be a pleasure to use."

Keeping things on track

"The dashboard and reports in Xero make it immediately clear where our money is going," describes Amy.

In order to keep projects running on schedule Amy and Tim monitor the billable hours and progress of their staff. In the past, doing it all in spreadsheets resulted in inaccuracies and ultimately lost revenue.

"When we came across WorkflowMax we thought wow – brilliant! We can record exactly how much time is spent on every task and invoice accordingly and our invoices just show up in Xero with all the tracking details. Now it's so easy for us to see exactly where we're making money and where we might be losing money – before it's too late," reports Amy.

Hours of work - now just a few clicks

"In the past, it wasn't unusual for me to spend up to eight hours putting together a job proposal," explained Amy.

"Now I just pull up a template for the relevant job, select the tasks to keep or exclude, then email it out."

"Once a quote is accepted I just click one button, which turns it into a job, and the system automatically emails our staff that they have a new job. As they work on the job, the system records their time."

"We send clients a work-in-progress invoice and run a profit and loss report to make sure the project is on budget. What used to take us hours now happens with a few clicks."

"I don't know how we managed before. Thankfully, we never have to go back to that."



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