Mobility is what defines 
Mark Inglis. Whether being 
the world's first double
amputee to scale 
Mt Everest or running multiple 
companies with his wife
Anne around the world.

"I can use Xero at basecamp Everest and across Tibet. There are few places in the world that I haven't been able to get online and work."

Mark Inglis

Global 24/7 access

Mark and Anne Inglis need access to their financial information 24/7 and from anywhere. They run three successful businesses on Xero: Middle Peak ­ a motivational speaking and mentoring business; Peak Fuel ­ a high performance food and drinks brand and; Limbs4all ­a charity for victims of landmines and other disabled in Nepal, Tibet and Cambodia.

"So much of my life these days is traveling the world," says Mark. "We've got projects in Kathmandu, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia, Taipei, Europe and the UK. I need access to my data and my accounts no matter where I am.

The non-accountant now loves accounting

"Unfortunately I wasn't born with an accountant's brain so I've always struggled with the books as Anne can tell you! With Xero, I find everything is streamlined and obvious, it's just so user-friendly."

Using their previous accounting system ­'Difficult Books' as they called it ­ Mark found it too hard to stay on top of his traveling expenses and invoices.

"I probably put through about one to two hundred receipts every month. Anne bore the brunt of this job when I got home, as the program was on our home computer. But since we switched accounting packages I just connect into Xero on my laptop and enter all my receipts online, from wherever I happen to be. By doing my expenses from the road nothing ever gets missed."

Invoicing on the road

"I love that I can create and send my invoices five minutes after I do a speaking engagement. Xero leaves a really professional impression with my clients."

"With our bank accounts connected to Xero it recognizes recurring items and works it out. By itself. That's a big thing for both of us ­ it saves Anne time and motivates me to use it. It also gives us much more control over our businesses."

Mark says Xero enables him to run his businesses out of his hand luggage, or if necessary out of his tent.

"I can use Xero at basecamp Everest and across Tibet. There are few places in the world that I haven't been able to get online and work," says Mark.

Doing business from anywhere on the globe isn't the only reason that an online accounting system is essential to Mark's success. He also gets more of a big picture view about their companies and where expansion could occur.

"Xero gives me the strategic view, so I can stay on top of my businesses."

Banking made easy

"Our bank accounts are automatically updated in Xero, which is extremely helpful for us when I'm traveling. With everything online, both Anne and I always know where things stand, even when we're in opposite timezones."

"Our accountant and our banker happen to live in separate parts of the country. Getting up-to-date figures to everybody used to be slow and messy.

It's now completely effortless with Xero. Our accountant just loves Xero. He hops online and everything is there waiting for him, all totally up-to-date.

It means that now our accountant isn't just someone to crunch numbers but a strategic partner in our business."


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