Scott J Soucy manages
CoreLogic LLC, a integrative
solutions company based in the
US which creates GPS asset
tracking technology and
inventory management systems.

"It has helped us stay organized and efficiently collaborate (3 employees in Florida and one in San Francisco) while empowering us to keep a close watch on cash flow"


Before Xero, what did you use?

The managing members of CoreLogic LLC, at their affiliate company 3PL, grudgingly used (and frequently complained about) QuickBooks.

What problems did you have with your old accounting system?

  • Licensing fees were egregious.

  • Support was off-shored, and not representative of the price-paid for licenses.

  • Dependency on Microsoft products (Mac versions were not fully compatible and web versions require Internet Explorer)

  • Collaboration was painful, and generally inefficient.

  • Incessant advertising of Intuit branded products such as payroll, checks, invoice mailing services, website design etc. throughout the user interface and on product startup.

  • Access by Mac clients required a Windows Server installation in our otherwise pure Unix, Linux and Mac server and workstation environment.

  • In our experience Intuit had a habit of turning off features in order to force users to upgrade to newer versions. For example, recently Intuit turned off the ability to email invoices in the version of QuickBooks we were running, which was only a couple of years old. Along with the notice that invoice emailing was being cancelled came an advertisement to upgrade to 2009 for a discounted price!

  • Complete lack of good developer tools; no real API to speak of that didn't require third-party products and fees. Not to mention a Windows server.

How did these problems affect your business?

QuickBooks is a double-edged sword. It seems to be one of the defacto small-business standards when it comes to accounting (in the US) and as such contract-based controllers, CPAs and other financial figures know the product very well. The net effect of this is that it is easy to get help with your bookkeeping and accounting when you are using QuickBooks. This is probably the primary reason why we decided to use QuickBooks (at our affiliate company) in the first place. Despite this though, QuickBooks, due to its lack of good integration tools, has forced us to maintain a separate store of information that is virtually an island; set aside from other important business information and tools.

Additionally QuickBooks was designed with a single-user perspective and assumes that people don't coordinate on information, when in fact just the opposite is true. We've also had to spend significant amounts of money on Windows technologies and licensing in order to accommodate QuickBooks.

What made you decide to use Xero? Did you try out any other solutions?

We researched many alternative accounting software programs but were impressed with the following aspects of Xero:

  • Presence of a developer's API using a standards approach!

  • Top-notch user interface that clearly highlights what's important

  • Unique, simplified focus on payables and receivables

  • SasS deployment makes Xero available anywhere, anytime (no Windows server required... or at least on my end)

  • Painless updates are pushed not pulled

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Responsive personnel during free trial period

What was your experience when switching and getting started with Xero?

It was quite different to other accounting software we have used. It took a little getting used to but the webinars were helpful and it did not take long to understand how it works.

How has Xero improved your business?

It has helped us stay organized and efficiently collaborate (3 employees in Florida and one in San Francisco) while empowering us to keep a close watch on cash flow. Additionally we have plans to integrate other business systems with Xero via the API to make invoicing a snap.

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