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"Xero is total collaboration. It's like we're right there in the room together.”

BLAKE OLIVER, CEO, Cloudsourced Accounting LLC

Cloudsourced Accounting has worked closely with countless clients and developed a product list and workflow that is secure, scalable and efficient. At the heart is Xero. Consider the following:

Data entry no more
Xero: Clients have to manually enter their data, with a high risk of error.
Since Xero: With an easy conversion process, clients can enjoy real-time access to their transactions and bank feeds. Now, all the data is available — anytime, anywhere — when staff need it.

Unlimited users
Before Xero: Legacy systems required separate user licenses, which often proved cost prohibitive.
Since Xero: After signing up with Xero, clients can take advantage of an unlimited number of user accounts per file at no extra charge.

Hear why Cloudsourced Accounting and DeClercq Law Group love Xero:

A system that pays attention
Before Xero: Clients could only code transactions a certain way.
Since Xero: Now, if clients code transactions in a specific manner, Xero will ask if similar transactions should be processed in the same way. This helps with consistency and data entry.

Before Xero: Either clients and their teams could access everything … or nothing at all.
Since Xero: Clients now can access only the Xero files they need. In addition, clients can assign different roles and link certain permissions to those roles. For example, bookkeepers can code transactions but are not allowed to make journal entries.

A seamless experience
Before Xero: Once again, data entry rears its ugly head. There was a lot of back and forth, which produced a clunky and lengthy experience.
Since Xero: Clients can easily import Excel files as bank statements, and Cloudsourced Accounting can import QuickBooks files without losing any data. This ensures a smooth transition for new clients who come with existing files. And Cloudsourced Accounting saves time by eliminating the data entry.

Open ecosystem
Before Xero:The legacy system was closed, with no ability to integrate third-party software. Customization was taboo.
Since Xero: Third parties can create useful software add-ons for Xero — such as time tracking, project management and inventory. To address a client’s individual needs, Cloudsourced Accounting evaluates the add-ons and makes recommendations as needed.

Highly intuitive
Before Xero: Clients had to do all the thinking to make their legacy system work the way they wanted. Collaboration was very difficult.
Since Xero: Clients find the Xero interface very easy to navigate and use. Now Cloudsourced Accounting can truly partner with clients across the Xero platform. It’s real time and real collaboration.

Before Xero: Clients were locked to a physical desktop.
Since Xero: As cloud-based software, Xero is available to Cloudsourced Accounting and its clients anywhere, anytime. And with the mobile app, Xero Touch, important account information is just a click away on a smartphone or tablet.

The ability to help CPA partners
Before Xero: As with many parts of the legacy system, it was laborious to provide information to CPAs in a quick and secure manner.
Since Xero: Cloudsourced Accounting simply provides a Xero login to permit a client’s CPA or tax preparer to make adjusted journal entries. This eliminates version control issues and ensures that the file is up to date. It also helps clients save money — always a good thing — by providing a clean and an easy-to-use file that reduces CPA hours.

A much better reconciliation process
Before Xero: Everybody braced for — and absolutely feared — the month-end close.
Since Xero: Transactions are downloaded daily, which means that bank reconciliations can be performed on an ongoing basis. 

Xero: The right solution for you
The Xero team is ready to work with you to redefine best practices and business growth. Start your path to the right solution today.

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