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Xero loves small business

Use Xero to manage your accounting, payroll, quotes, invoicing, inventory, and more.
And with our free QuickBooks conversion tool, it's never been easier to switch your business to Xero.
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Work on the go

Hit the road and run your business anytime, anywhere on any device. So no matter if you're on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can control your finances, payroll, invoicing and more on the go.



Control every part of your business

Add the right tools to control every part of your business, especially your finances. So go ahead and customize your own Xero experience with leading business tools, such as Square, Squarespace, PayPal and more.


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Enjoy no hidden fees

Say goodbye to all hidden costs. With Xero, you never have to pay for additional users or software upgrades. After all, we know how much your finances matter to you. That’s why we give you the best of Xero all the time.

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Better in many ways

Xero is always on and easy to use, not to mention fast and completely customizable.
No wonder we’re the perfect QuickBooks alternative for your business.

Better collaboration

Add unlimited users and work with your entire team for free.

Worry free

Say goodbye to software installations and forced upgrades.

More secure

Relax with bank-level security and the highest-level SSL encryption.

More clarity

Get a real-time view of your cashflow in our award-winning dashboard.

Quick expensing

Snap a photo of your receipt and file your expenses from the road.

Easier quoting

Capture the business by quickly turning a quote into an invoice.

More global

Assign unlimited currencies and see real-time rates for 160 currencies.

Easy import

Convert your QuickBooks file, spreadsheet or receipts for free.

US-based support

Receive help from home with our award-winning 24x7 unlimited support.

Customers agree

Erica Mohan

Erica Mohan

Community Education Partnerships

“QuickBooks and I wasn’t a love connection, but certainly a love connection with Xero. In fact I am telling other people about it because it is so easy to use.”

Bridget Labus

Bridget Labus

The Sixth Course

“I never felt that I had control or even understood what was going on in QuickBooks. Xero has cut my accounting time by 80%. It just gives me goosebumps thinking of all the extra time I have.”

Xavier Lanier

Xavier Lanier


“So long Quickbooks/QuickBooks Online. Shifting over to Xero. So much better.”

Erica Mohan

Trisha Cobb

Circle Me Silly

“I used QuickBooks for two weeks, and I have been paying for it ever since and haven’t used it. A friend introduced me to Xero, and it was practically love at first sight.”

We win awards

G2 Crowd
4.5 stars

4.5 stars

Macworld PCWorld

Xero for iOS devices adds to the convenience, offering users a chance to view financial information on the go.


Xero World’s Most Innovative Growth Company (2015)


Xero is award winning web-based accounting software for small business owners and their advisors. It is beautifully designed and easy to use.

4.5 stars

The Sleeter Group

Xero is the best software for automation, both because of its built-in features as well as because of its integrations.


One of the easiest online accounting systems we've tried.

9.0 rating

Better in many ways

Can I cancel at anytime?

You just need to give one month's notice of cancellation. You're not locked into a contract, and we make it easy to cancel. 

How do I import my QuickBooks data into Xero?

When you’re starting a new organization in Xero, check the box to select your QuickBooks file. A few clicks later, your conversion begins – and within 3 hours, all of your data is now in Xero.

Do you work with Square?

Yes we do. We also integrate seamlessly with 500+ apps, including solutions for CRM, advanced inventory, eCommerce, time tracking and more.

Do I need a credit card to try out Xero?

There’s no credit card required when you sign up for our 30-day trial.

Do you offer Payroll for my state?

We currently offer payroll solutions for California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah and Virginia, with coverage for all 50 states by the end of 2015.

You talk some game, but can you back that up?

We sure can! Click the link below to see.