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    The partner has earned this status level (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) based on the number of Xero clients they serve. If shown, they have also attained Xero champion status by completing training and continuing to add more clients.
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    Xero advisor certification is the foundation course for Xero advisors, providing a strong understanding and practical knowledge of how to use Xero with their clients.

About us

The Bottom Line CPA is more than accounting. Accountant. Bookkeeper. Tax Preparer. Trainer. Profit Coach. Family Friend.

We are also proud to be 100% Xero and Certified Profit First Professionals specializing in all things eCommerce and Online Business. We are your One-Stop Financial Headquarters for Online Entrepreneurs + Retailers where we are serving with heart to partner + empower entrepreneurs to create financial systems AND plans that boost the bottom line so they can confidently pocket their profits! We serve in all 50 states offering do-it-yourself, CPA-supported bookkeeping membership plans to full-service accounting + strategic planning.


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5 Xero certifications

To become certified, an advisor has to complete learning modules on Xero's key features and pass a practical exam.

Industry experience

The Bottom Line CPA is serving clients on Xero in 10 industries:

Administration and support services, Education, Arts and recreation, Accommodation and hospitality, Professional services, Retail, Marketing; advertising and consulting, Repairs and personal services, E-commerce, Not-for-profit

Xero connected app experience

The Bottom Line CPA is serving clients on Xero with 31 apps:

Proposify, Deputy, A2x, Shoeboxed, Dear inventory, Veem, Acuity scheduling, Stitchlabs, Taxjar, Agile crm, Shogo, Kabbage data services, Checkeeper, Harvest, Receipt bank, Gusto, Futrli, Silver siphon (30min access tokens), Cin7 to xro primary integration application, Power bi, Bigcommerce, Spotlight Reporting, Run powered by adp, Hubdoc, Taxify, Expandly, Bluevine, Zapier, Shopify integration, Float cash flow forecasting, Squarespace


  • 2013
  • 2016


  • Xero Partner Advisory Board 2016 US
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Xero certification means that representative(s) of the advisor have been assessed by Xero as proficient in the use of the Xero application. Xero’s certification process does not assess any individual or advisor’s proficiency as an accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor. Xero certified advisors are not employees of Xero. 

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