PT Theta Logika Sahabat Indonesia

Accountant · Indonesia Stock Exchange, 2nd Tower 17th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia, Jakarta

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About us

Logiframe is Indonesia first Xero accountant and advisors. Logiframe is the place which dedicated professional accountants and consultants in Indonesia collaborate to accounting services, risk and control consulting, and financial advisory to selected clients.

We aspire to be the standard of excellence, the first choice of the most sought-after clients and talent.

15 Xero certifications

To become certified, an advisor has to complete learning modules on Xero's key features and pass a practical exam.

Industry experience

PT Theta Logika Sahabat Indonesia is serving clients on Xero in 9 industries:

Real estate and hiring services, Administration and support services, Manufacturing, Accommodation and hospitality, Professional services, Media and communications, Marketing; advertising and consulting, Finance and insurance, E-commerce

Xero connected app experience

PT Theta Logika Sahabat Indonesia is serving clients on Xero with 19 apps:

Dataqlick, Workflowmax, Peoplemine - customers for life, Dear inventory, Fathom, Fishbowl, Hotelogix, Tidystock, Approvalmax, Tradegecko, Vinsight, Receipt bank,, Cin7 to xro primary integration application, Flowrev, Spotlight Reporting, Unleashed software, Rental management system, Futrli


  • 2013
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