Keep track of your cash flow with fast bank reconciliation

Turn bank reconciliation from a chore into something simple and fun. Once Xero is connected to your bank, transactions flow in automatically, ready for you to reconcile.

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Know your cash position when you reconcile daily

Xero automatically and securely imports your bank transactions every business day. You save hours on admin and get daily updates on the state of your business finances. Xero connects with numerous banks globally so, chances are, your bank is one of them. Find out if your bank connects with Xero.

account reconciliation dashboard

Reconcile easily with coding suggestions

Was it payment of an invoice? Was it spending on travel? Or stationery? Simply confirm what Xero suggests. You can also set up rules for matching your bank transactions automatically to invoices, bill payments and purchases that are already recorded in Xero, making reconciliation seamless.

account reconciliation automation

Make it your morning routine

Match and categorize your bank transactions on your phone from bed, over a coffee, or on the train, and start your day knowing exactly where you stand. The Xero dashboard shows you all the key figures.

Mobile reconciliation accounting

Reconcile large numbers of transactions quickly

Tired of reconciling each transaction? Cash coding lets you group similar transactions together so you can match them in one go. That’s especially useful if you’re moving to Xero and importing back-dated transactions.  

automated matching of transactions
"I’d rather face root canal surgery with no anesthetic than do bank reconciliations. But with Xero, there’s a game-like quality that actually makes it fun. And I’m disappointed when it’s done!" Devan Sabaratnam

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Import your own bank statements or use the Xero demo company.

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