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What’s it like at Xero?

That’s one of the questions we get asked most often.

We know it’s not just about our environment, although our offices are cool and we wish everyone could have the opportunity to visit.  When students ask that question, we believe it’s about them reaching out to understand our culture, our people and the sense of belonging we have at Xero.  

That’s what our campaign message  ‘be part of something’ really focuses on – becoming part of something real, innovative, challenging, inspiring, beautiful – Xero.  What we wanted to share was the indefinable but awesome sense you get from being part of a team that’s achieving great things.


We thought the best way to convey the essence of Xero was to bring students an experience that they wouldn’t have had before.  So we used virtual reality to deliver the wow factor.

We took a 360 degree panoramic photo of one of the most iconic spaces in our Xero Wellington office which is known as The Bullnose.  We stayed true to our quirky nature with some fun staff poses and embedded some interesting facts during post editing.  The entire experience was created in-house by our internal design agency, the Hub, using a standard camera and some advanced stitching software (and we have to be honest, a whole lot of talent!)

The result is an interactive experience which is viewed on Google Cardboard goggles using the Street View app on a smartphone.  


Download the panorama image to your phone's image folder


Development and implementation

We sourced three phones and some Google Cardboard units, loaded up our panoramic photo, and took the units out with us on campus and to all the grad recruitment events we attended.  



We’re really delighted with the response we’ve had to the panorama.  In total, we estimate over 2000 students have had the opportunity to have a sneak peek at what it is like at Xero.


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Seeing is believing – try it yourself

Seeing is believing though – so we want you to experience this for yourself!  We’ve enclosed your very own Google Cardboard and some instructions to let you engage in this experience yourself. There are a few steps to follow but it’s worth the effort.


Load the photo into the street view app on your phone

1 – Download Google’s Street View app for iPhone or Android to your phone if you don’t already have it.   

2 – Navigate to this page on your phone.

3 – Save this image to your phone’s image folder.

4 – Open the Street View app and click on ‘Private’ –  it's the last option in the search bar at the top, and has a little lock icon.

5 – Click on the + button, then Import from camera, and pick the photo we’ve provided out of your camera roll / images. 

6 – Click the little icon that looks like a Google Cardboard.

7 – It turns the photo into two Google-type views.

Now put the phone in the Google Cardboard

1 – Grab the Google cardboard, and pull it out of the cover sleeve.

2 – Holding the viewing lenses towards you and lift the top flap (it’s secured by velcro).

3 – Lift the inside flap with the Xero stickers on it towards you, unfolding the two sides.

4 – Lay the middle piece flat and secure the two side pieces with velcro to the sides of the viewer to create a wraparound for your eyes.

5 – Put your phone in the Google Cardboard with the screen facing towards you and the white demarcation line in the middle.

6 – Secure the front flap to the top of the unit again with velcro (don’t press too hard or you may turn the phone off by pressing the buttons on the side of the phone – they’re just underneath that flap of cardboard).

7 – Stand in a clear space and view the photo – you can turn in a full 360 degree circle and look up and down!  Be aware some people find this disorientating, so make sure your stance is solid before you begin.

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Xero by numbers


small businesses use Xero, in over 180 countries worldwide

4 every second

the number of customers logging into – that’s 200+ every minute

1.9 million

invoices processed by the Xero billing team in 2015

7.6 million minutes

of Xero videos watched, the equivalent of watching Star Wars: the Force Awakens 56,000 times in a row

$468 billion

dollars worth of transactions were processed through Xero in 2015

1732 sausages

cooked on the Wellington Customer Experience team's barbeque in 2015


successful product updates were delivered in 2015

1 million

bank statements are processed through Xero every day

#1 ranking

by Forbes in World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies 2014 and 2015