The Xero graduate program

The program is a great way to gain both global and start-up experience. So bring your fresh perspective and continuous curiosity … and get ready to discover, learn and contribute right from day one.

Ready to make a difference?

You define the roll up the sleeves/get to work/soak in the knowledge/ask questions mindset. Perfect. At Xero, you work on day one and learn what it takes to solve real-life, everyday problems that impact people’s lives. That’s not a job. That’s making a difference.

Site Reliability Engineers, Graduate and Intern Opportunities – Denver

Xero engineers support the infrastructure Xero runs on. We make sure the platform is reliable, fast and secure – no matter how quickly we need to scale for growth.

What we do

It’s no surprise that the Xero platform team is all about creating a consistent, secure and reliable environment for developers to test and deploy their code quickly and often. We use cloud technology to make our infrastructure highly-scalable, which is important to us. We also automate server configuration management and the software build and deploy processes – which helps us deliver immutable infrastructure and fault tolerant systems that can handle huge amounts of internet traffic.

Roles cubes developer
What you'll do

Platform engineering grads problem solve with AWS, Windows Servers, Linux, SQL, Postgres, content delivery networks, load balancers, and auto deployment and container tools like Terraform and Docker. At last count, there are over 3,000 servers in testing, failover and production.

If this sounds like a great challenge and you value continuous deployment, platform-wide monitoring and analytics, and automating infrastructure – then join us.

What you bring

The teams focus on service and respect different opinions and great technical skills. We take an agile approach to our work, so that we can work fast and build what our teammates need. That’s why we welcome students with a range of qualifications. Ideally, you:

  • like working with servers or data.

  • If you love to script or write code, that’s a great skill combination for us.

  • love problem solving, thinking on your feet, helping people and taking initiative.

  • enjoy learning why things work, not just how they work.

Important stuff

There are exciting opportunities for both interns and graduates. If you:

  • are a junior- or senior-level student – and seek the atypical summer job experience – apply for an intern role.

  • have the cap and gown in view – and want a permanent gig – the graduate role is just for you.

Mobile Developers, Graduate Opportunities – San Francisco

If you love writing code, this could be the place for you. Our teams show lots of customer love by creating great new features and fixing the occasional bug – all at speed.

What we do

We are building people products that make it easier for customers to get paid and manage their expenses. Each day we develop in a dynamic workspace and codebase with incredibly smart, diverse individuals that deliver on software our users love.

Cubes dev
What you'll do

As a graduate mobile developer, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills – and engage with mentors to be sure that you experience different facets of software development. And we’ll help you become a skilled, confident mobile developer in your first year.

On occasion, wear the hat of full stack developer, back-end developer, or devops. Build new, greenfield strategic applications, or make our existing applications even more beautiful. Learn how to ensure that our apps remain highly-available, secure, scalable, robust and high-performing. Watch your code make a difference in the lives of Xero users after each release.

Continue learning while developing different platforms. Create fun, intuitive experiences on iOS and Android native applications. Orchestrate a smart data layer with NodeJS and GraphQL. Build speedy APIs with .NET Core and PostgreSQL. Deploy all the things on a cutting edge AWS platform which includes Linux hosts, Docker containers, and a robust network infrastructure.

What you bring

We are proactive communicators who take initiative and come up with great ideas. We are agile, diverse, passionate about what we do and motivated to take it to the next level. That’s why we welcome applications from a wide range of students. Ideally, you:

  • have a passion for writing code, appreciate the importance of the customer experience, and care about the success of your teammates.
  • can prove your skill set by showing us your work. Perhaps you experimented with a new framework, learned a new language, prototyped a web/mobile app, been active on Stack Overflow, or have a great GitHub profile.
  • can take a thoughtful, outside-the-box approach to your work, cope with change, and have an itch that only curiosity can satisfy.
Important stuff

There are exciting opportunities for graduates. So if you have the cap and gown in view – and want a permanent gig – then a Xero graduate role is just for you.